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Our company has a great deal of centrifugal casting experience and mature production technology. We can supply castings, semi-finished products, and finished products of various materials in cylinder liner, piston ring, roller circle, roller ring, roller, pipe, axle sleeve type casting.

Centrifugal Casting Cylinder Sleeve, Castings or Semi-finished Products

Standard: Φ50~450mm
Material: Cu Cr Mo alloy cast iron, B alloy cast iron, Nb alloy cast iron, high-Cr alloy cast iron. Melting furnace: middle frequency electric furnace.
Application: cylinder sleeve of ship diesel engine, oilfield diesel engine, air compressor, freezer, and brake pump; double metals sleeve and internal bushing for mud pump; other special sleeve casting or semi-finished products.

Centrifugal Casting Double Metals Roller, Roller Ring

Standard: Φ250~1000mm
Material: surface material is high-Cr cast iron, high-speed steel, beishiti ductill iron or other wear-resistant alloys. Using two intermediate-frequency electric furnaces for melting.
metallurgical roller for rolling metal materials and light industry roller and roller ring for food industry, rubber processing and papermaking industry.

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