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Centrifugal Casting Double Metals Roller Ring

Standard: Φ400~1000mm.
Material: The surface material is high- Cr cast iron, beishiti ductill iron or other wear-resistant alloy. Using two middle-frequency electric furnace for melting.
Roller ring of roller breaker. Roller breaker applies to selecting mine, coal, cement, chemical, and building material industries. It can grind to middle and fine grinding middle hardness ore and rock and brittleness material such as coal and coke. The roller ring is the most important part. Centrifugal cast high-Cr double metals roller ring of the skin (30mm) hardness can reach HRC56~62, and its life is 5 times as long as steel casting roller ring and 4~6 times as long as mid- Mn ductill iron roller ring.

Centrifugal Casting Pipe

Standard: Φ38~1000mm*400~3000mm
Material: steel, iron, Cu, Al and Zn alloys and their compound materials.
supporting roller and radiating pipe of heating stove; reducing vessel for melting Mg by reducing method; pipe for conveying coal powder, coal ash (crumbs); other sorts of wear-resistant, heatproof, corrosion-resisting alloy pipes.

Centrifugal Casting Piston Ring Semi-finished Products

Standard: Φ45~450mm
Material: Cu, Cr, Mo alloy castings; Normal ductill iron or Beishiti ductill iron; other alloy materials. Using 250Kg middle-frequency electric furnace for melting. Applicable range: car, mini car, motorcycle; heavy, medium, and light type truck; ships, engineering machine, combesstional locomotive, air compressor, freezer, brake pump, farming diesel engine, and farming transport car etc.

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