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Orient Co., Ltd.   A Reliable Casting Supplier From China
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orient Co., Ltd

Co., Ltd. is a progressive share-holding company with aninternational reputation for the supply of quality castings. We specialize in producing a wide range of machined and painted castings in different materials such as cast iron, cast steel, and nonferrous alloys.

Orient Company is totally committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in its production of variety of castings. Within the company, there are six foundries. Besides being equipped with complete range of manufacturing and inspecting facilities, all of these foundries are well staffed with skilled foundry managers, senior technical personnel, and experienced inspectors. The procedures and systems we operate are based on ISO9001 and are designed to ensure that products reliably and consistently comply with customer requirements.

The majority of our products are exported to many countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, and South Korea. In present fierce market competition, Orient Company is strongly standing in the orient of the world, ready for new challenges.

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北京东方鼎鑫科技有限公司   Orient Co.,Ltd.
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