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Low Chromium Cast Iron Grinding Ball

The grinding ball quality is very reliable. It has advantages of high hardness, high ductility, good wearability, and long life. Using this ball on the spot approves that it can bring out tangibal economic returns and social effect.

High Chromium Cast iron Grinding Ball

This type of ball is made in polybasic alloy material and by advanced production technology. It is of reliable quality, the smooth appearance, well distributed inside and outside hardness, and high impacting ductility, as well as other advantages. The application on the spot approved its wearability, no breaking, no deforming, which bring out higher economic returns than other grinding balls.

Troostite Cast iron Grinding Ball

The material is high-chromium cast iron with polybasic low-alloying. The troostite structure is gained as cast without high temperature quenching. It belongs to troostite type grinding ball. This ball apply to various ball mill grinding all sorts of ore, grinding cement materials in cement industry, coal in power plant, refractory material in refractory material factory, etc.

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